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Tips on Getting the Best non Toxic Candles.

When you want to improve the general atmosphere of your home you will choose scented candles for that.
But one must be careful keeping in mind that many people have fragrance allergies. When you are going for scented candles you should consider people around you that may be suffering from asthma. It is not the scent in the candles that will mainly affect them but the fragrance if it is strong enough. A very strong fragrance will make you feel dizzy or have difficulties breathing. Very strong fragrances may end up harming your lungs. If you have allergies contact your doctor before you get the scented candles. A scented candle will contain some toxic chemicals to try and buy non-toxic candles. Look at the ingredients carefully to determine if they are non-toxic. We have listed some factors to help you in choosing non-toxic candles.

A candle is made of wax that is the first thing you must look at when you are shopping for non-toxic candles. There are three main types of wax that are available in the market. Crude oils make some waxes. These candles are not necessarily bad but they can compromise the air of your home. There are fumes that can worsen the symptoms of conditions like asthma. The second type of wax is beeswax which has been used through history. Honeybees are the once that are responsible for making beeswax. Beeswax candles are famous especially for churches and royal families. This is the best wax and it is non-toxic and it has a very clean burn. Some companies will mix beeswax with paraffin wax so check the ingredients carefully. Candles can be made from soybean oil. Soy wax is non-toxic for it comes from a natural source. If you are looking for a non-toxic candle that is also friendly to your pocket then soybean is the answer. When you want to scent non-toxic candles the soybean wax candles are your best choice. For longevity, you should go for soy wax candles. Choose the right wax and you will love the results.

The wick used on the candle is also important you consider. The cored wick is the most famous when it comes to wicks.
It being common does not mean it is commonly used. The way the cotton, for example, the cotton is grown is what will determine if the wick is good or bad for you. A non-toxic candle will also have a wooden wick. Wood wicks will have a clean burn and a very pleasant sound when they burn.

Lastly consider the scents. There are scented candles that are non-toxic. The best oils should be made from essential oils that make them non-toxic.
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